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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sorry to bring him up again, but...

....When's the last time you peed on a child, and the child testified that it was no big thing? Didn't think so.

Really, even if they send R. Kelly to prison, he's just going to spend fourteen years writing another album of sex-ballads (unlike his usual album of sex-ballads, which only takes him a few months to write). Can you imagine how an R. Kelly album would sound if it were inspired by of fourteen-years worth of humiliating cavity-searches, group showers, semi-public masturbation, and painful prison sex with a dude named Bubba? He's a freaky, freaky man, so I'd assume the inspiration would be almost overwhelming, and quite frankly, the resulting material would be on a whole 'nother level.
When he gets out and releases the album, he'll be an unstoppable force, and rules and regulations will not apply to him anymore. Not even strict child-porn laws will be able to keep him from peeing on all of the children he wants, so I don't even know why they'd bother putting him in the slammer in the first place. Trust me.... Somehow, R. Kelly always manages to get his way.

~sarah p.


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