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Friday, December 29, 2006

Favorite Songs of 2006.

There were many reasons to scream out "That's my jam!" this year, here are our favorite songs of 2006, in no particular order:

1. That's Life - Killer Mike
2. Hush Boy - Basement Jaxx
3. Jellyfish - Ghostface Killah
4. SOS - Rhianna
5. Fuck Them Bitches - Kelis
6. Pop The Glock - Uffie
7. Where Are They Now - Nas
8. Two Can Win - Jay Dee
9. Cuban Chronicles - Raekwon
10. Touch It (Remix) - Busta Rhymes ft. Mary J Blige, Lloyd Banks, Papoose, DMX, & Rah Diggah

~sarah p.

1. 9 Milli Bros - Ghostface ft Wu Tang
2. Dynomite (Going Postal) - Rhymefest
3. Going Down - Young Joc
4. Stay Fly - 8 Ball, Three 6 Mafia, Young Buck
5. Hustlin' - Rick Ross
6. Mr. Postman - Juelz Santana
7. Ride Wit Me - T.I.
8. Right Side - Kid Koala
9. Can't Stop This - The Roots
10. I love Boosters - The Coup

Solta O Frango - Bonde Do Role. It just didn't fit in

Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Albums

Yes, it's list time so to get ready for the weekend here are our pics for the top 10 albums in no particular order.

Top 10 Albums from 2006:

10. Blue Collar - Rhymefest
09. Pick a Bigger Weapon - The Coup
08. The King - T.I
07. Doctors Advocate - The Game
06. Game Theory- The Roots
05. What The Game's Been Missing! - Juelz Santana
04. FutureSex/LoveSounds- Justin Timberlake
03. Public Warning- Lady Sovereign
02. Hip Hop is Dead - Nas
01. Fishscale - Ghostface Killah

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Worst Singles of 2006.

2006 was a great year for music. There were some outstanding albums and amazing singles. However, for every good single released, there's always about a billion terrible singles released. Some of the artists on our lists couldn't release a good single if they tried (*cough* Fergie *cough), but some of the songs came from some decent artists that made some really poor decisions. Now, we're not naming any names, but it's safe to say that next time anyone decides to come out of retirement, they should maybe try a little harder to put out an album that is up to standard.

Here's our least favorite singles of the year:

1. Show Me What You Got - Jay Z Probably the most obvious choice Ever
2. Work it Out - Jurassic 5 ft Dave Mathews
3. Money Maker - Ludacris ft Pharrell
4. I Love My Chick - Busta Rhymes
5. Put Em in Their Place - Mobb Deep
6. I Wanna Love You - Akon ft Snoop Dogg
7. Ms New Booty - Bubba Sparxx ft Ying Yang Twins and Mr Collipark
8. Why You Wanna - T.I. This one pains me because I really really like this album
9. Ridin Dirty - Chamillionaire ft Krazy Bone
10. Crazy - Gnarles Barkley. On the sheer fact that my mom thinks this song ishot.

- Pickle

1. Window Shopper - 50 Cent
2. Where's You Go - Fort Minor (Jay-Z was behind this sentimental bullshit? Awful, awful, awful.)
3. Snap Yo Fingers - Lil' Jon
4. Dem Jeans - Chingy ft Jermaine Dupri
5. Shorty Like Mine- Bow Wow ft. Chris Brown
6. Pump It- BlackEyed Peas
7. Kick Push - Lupe Fiasco (I really, really like Lupe, but the lyrics on this track make it an absolute trainwreck.)
8. Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani
9. Nothing in this World - Paris Hilton
10. Impossible - Kanye West ft. Keyshia Cole & Twista

~sarah p.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs of All Time.

12 Biggest Dicks Of Christmas.

5 Awesomely Bad Christmas Gifts.

10 Holiday Party Don'ts.

The Secret Life Of Santa.

16 Serious Questions Raised By 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

Christopher Walken's 12 Days Of Christmas.

Link-posts.... The lazy man's version of blogging.

~sarah p.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mixtape Monday: Songs About How Dope I Am and How Much Shit I Got.

'Tis the season for extravagance, and nobody knows more about wreckless spending than rappers. Along with their inflated bank accounts come inflated egos.... This leads to songs about how much shit they own, and how dope they are. It's a cycle that usually ends up with the rapper driving a cab or starring in their very own reality show.

Side A:

1. Stop N Go - The Diplomats
2. Money, Cash, Hoes - Jay-Z
3. I'm So Fly - Lloyd Banks
4. Millionare Dream - Lil Wayne
5. Pimpin' All Over The World - Ludacris ft. Bobby Valentino
6. I'm Really Hot - Missy Elliott
7. Welcome Back - Ma$e
8. Ridin' Spinners - Three 6 Mafia
9. Player's Anthem - Notorious BIG ft. Junior Mafia & KRS One
10. Down and Out - Cam 'Ron ft. Kanye West

~sarah p.

Side B:
1. The G.O.A.T. - LL Cool J
2. Grillz - Nelly ft Paul Wall
3. Area Codes - Ludacris ft Nate Dogg
4. I'm That Type of Guy - LL Cool J (I know 2 ll songs, but he is so full of himself)
5. It's my Time - Rick Ross ft Lyfe Jennings
6. Drive Slow - Kanye West Ft Paul Wall,GLC, and T.I.
7. Oh Ya - Big Timers
8. Hypnotize - Notorious BIG
9. Make it Rain - Fat Joe ft Lil' Wayne
10. Bling Bling - B.G. ft Lil' Wayne


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas remix

Ever wonder what would happen in those Christmas movies if the endings you talked about when you were stoned were actually made?

Go here to find out.


Wisconsin is fucked.

I was cool with their unnatural obsession with cheese (because I understand that cheese is delicious), their fields and fields of ginseng (because somewhere, an asian dude with a boner is thanking god that Wisconsin exists), their funny accents, and I'm certainly cool with the fact that Wisconsin raised Chris Farley out of it's cheesy loins.
The one thing I'm not cool with? Two words: mutant deer.
No thanks, Wisconsin... No thanks.

~sarah p.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas in the emergency room.

Man, kids these days are wusses. When I was a kid, we played with chainsaws and jagged rocks. Nowadays, kids are lucky if their parents let them play with cotton balls. That being said, there are some dangerous toys out there that definitely cross the line. Watch out for these bad toys, they will fuck you up.

~sarah p.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mixtape Monday: Drugs Edition

Like bees and honey, pimps and hookers, beer and wings, fat kids and sweatpants..... Hip Hop and drugs go together. Whether it's Biggie talking about trying to feed his daughter, or Snoop praising the almighty bud, it is awfully easy to compile a mixtape full of drug references. Here's some of out favorites:

Side A:

1. Greenery - Quasimoto
2. Ayo for Yayo - Andre Nikatina
3. Sippin on Syrup - Three 6 Mafia
4. Blinded by the Lights - The Streets
5. Smoke It - Mobb Deep
6. Drink it up - N.W.A.
7. Cold Blooded - Ol' Dirty Bastard (Originally Rick James)
8. Kilo - Ghostface Killah
9. City of Dope - Too $hort
10. America's Most Blunted - Madvillain ft Quasimoto


Side B:

1. Contact - The Beatnuts
2. Drugs - Kool Keith
3. Can't Sell Dope Forever - Dead Prez & Outlawz
4. Same Ol' Thing - A Tribe Called Quest
5. We Fly High - Jim Jones
6. I'm Your Pusher - Ice-T
7. 4:20 - Method Man ft. Streetlife & Carlton Fisk
8. I Get High - Styles P
9. Ten Crack Commandments - Notorious BIG
10. Dopeman - NWA

~sarah p.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The death of the hotline.

Do people even call non-pornography-related hotlines anymore? Do they even exist? While scanning through Giant Magazine's second installment of the Top 50 Commercials of the 80's (here's the first part, too), I was reminded of all of the fun that you could have on the phone in the late 80's/early 90's.
Let's say you were totally into LL Cool J.... You could call and spend like $7 (which in the late-80's was equivalent to $64) listening to him blab on about his new album. Let's say you needed answers about your life... Miss Cleo had it in the bag for you (for about $30).
If you were a teenybopper... Well, don't even get me started, but it's pretty safe to say that the Coreys would be happy to take your dial-a-dollars as well.

Maybe they need to bring back the hotline... My phone bills have been looking a little light lately.

~sarah p.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear Eddie Murphy,

Even though I don't necessarily support your habit of knocking up Spice Girls and then denying it (c'mon, man, let's face the facts: you're getting a little older, and I don't think you can do any better than Scary Spice.....just admit it and get on with it), I can't help but love you a little bit for making this video.
You see, I too like to party... All the time ('cept for on Sundays... That day is reserved for Laguna Beach, Flavor of Love, and the couch).

~sarah p.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mixtape Monday: Forgotten Songs Edition.

Remember when you were in grade six, and your alcoholic uncle bought you a Rap Traxx tape from the gas station? Pretty sure that happened to everyone. You played the shit out of the tape, until it finally snapped in half a year later, and you totally forgot about most of the songs. However, once in a while, you'll hear a song off of that tape, and the memories will come back.

It's not to say that any of these songs were forgettable (unlike someone's most recent album), but they were certainly forgotten (and re-discovered) at some point:

CD 1-
Side A:
1. It's a Shame (My Sister) - Monie Love
2. Public Enemy #1 - Public Enemy
3. Oh No - Mos Def ft Pharoe Monch & Nate Dogg
4. Going Back to Cali - LL Cool J
5. Watch Out Now - The Beatnuts
6. To Whom it May Concern - Black Sheep
7. Fall Back - Big L ft Kool G Rap
8. 1/2 & 1/2 Gang Starr ft M.O.p>
9. Quality Control - Jurassic 5
10. The Message - Nas

Side B:
1. 1-800-SUICIDE - Grave Diggaz
2. Jimmy - Boogie Down Productions
3. Rosa Parks - Outkast
4. Universal Magnetic - Mos Def
5. Sobb Story - Leaders of the New School
6. Who's That Girl? - Eve
7. The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
8. The Sound of Science - The Beastie Boys
9. Liquid Swordz - The Wu-Tang Clan
10. Nas is Like - Nas


CD 2-
Side A:
1. Spoiled - Khalito
2. Win or Lose - Mobb Deep
3. Simon Says - Pharoache Monch
4. Family and Friends - Pep Love ft. Goapele
5. Here's What's Left Remix - RJD2
6. Witness (One Hope) - Roots Manuva
7. This DJ - Warren G
8. Get Involved - Raphael Saadiq ft Q-Tip
9. My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style - Dream Warrriors
10. Just to Get a Rep - Gang Starr

Side B:
1. Travelin Man - DJ Honda ft. Mos Def
2. Inps Her Ation - Da Ranjahz ft Cee-Lo
3. I Wish - Skee Lo
4. Hammer Time - Beatnuts
5. Supreme Supreme - Blackstarr
6. Can't You See - Total ft. Biggie Smalls
7. Around The Way Girl - LL Cool J
8. Feel Me Flow - Naughty By Nature
9. If I Ruled The World - Nas ft. Lauren Hill
10. Shopping Bags (She Got From You) - De La Soul

~sarah p.