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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Side Beeeeeeeee

Atlanta BBq Mixtape Side B

1. War With God- Ludacris
2. Mama's Only Son- Jahah
3. Dirty South- Goodie Mob
4. Bullshit Views- Success-n-Effect
5. Can U Hear Me? - Speech
6. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik- Outkast
7. What U Gon' Do - Lil'Jon ft. Lil Scrappy
8. Stilettos (Pumps)- Crime Mobb
9. Hate Ourselves- Bone Crusher ft. Goodie Mob
10. Childz Play - Cee-Lo ft. Ludacris

Go get yourself some crunk juice, chug some cough syrup, and make it happen.

BBQ Mixtape

Atlanta BBq Mixtape Side A

1. Welcome to Atlanta- Jermaine Dupri
2. Rubber Band Man- T.I.
3. Oh- Ciara
4. Georgia- Ludacris Ft Field Mob
5. Bombs Over Baghdad- Outkast
6. What you know about that- T.I.
7. Get Low- Lil John & the Eastside Boys
8. My Hood- Young Jeezy
9. Everyday People- Arrested Developement
10. Akshon (Yeah)- Killer Mike

Now go crank up the BBQ and make me soem ribs

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

5 things white girls shouldn't ever wear or do to themselves

5. Shirts that don't cover your belt loops
I know it was cool in 93 to show off your belly button ring, but no one really cares any more. Also most of you are now over the age of 12 and guys are interested, or should be, in more than seeing a little skin. (some guys haven't grown up, but most have)

4. Really Big Flaired Jeans
Actually any of the following stuff from Jr High:
Spaghetti Strap Shirts
No Sleeve T's
Puffy Shoes
More than 2 necklaces
Hemp anything
As the yrs change so should you, seeing big flairs is like seeing big hair. I know you are trying to preserve your youth, but get the DVD set of Care Bears if you are that desperate.

3. Thong, the thon thong thongs
These are worse than shirts that say "Slut", "Hustler", "Pornstar" or anything else that implies you are a cock tease. They aren't that comfortable and to be honest not that sexy. Leave something to the imagination, your ass will ove you for it

2.Short Shorts
Yes you with the big legs, no one likes cottage cheese. Again leave something to the imagination

1. Shave your head
Or get more than a 1 additional colour, or have it all the same length with no layering, or dye it like a skunk, or get a weave or big hair. Actually take care of it, let it grow out, keep it short, whatever. Just make sure it looks good.


The Top 5 Things That Guys Shouldn't Be Allowed to Wear Anymore.

Let me preface this post by saying that I don't claim to be a great dresser, or even a good dresser for that matter, but after what I observed at last night's Del show (which, by the way, was amazing), I can't keep quiet anymore.

5. Man-pris.
You know, it can be rough to wear pants when it's hot out. There are times when most of us wish that we really didn't have to wear pants at all, but does it really make a difference to your core temperature to crop your pants by 5 inches? The answer is no. However, you will succeed in looking like dumpy euro-trash quite easily.

4. Soccer Jerseys with Cargo Shorts.
Dudes that rock this look are trying to look like they are really into sports, and are rugged enough to have 15 pockets on their pants to carry utility knives and camping gear. What they are actually telling the world is that they haven't bought any new clothes since 1996.

3. Backwards Hats.
Last night, I saw guys with perfectly decent outfits, with perfectly decent hats. However, they went ahead and wrecked the outfit by wearing the hat backwards. The tilt on a hat is very important. If you are putting on a hat, and are asking yourself how to tilt it, the correct answer is: anything but backwards.

2. Surf Wear.
Hey, fratboy, we live in Calgary. You surf? No, you don't. Take off the Quicksilver logo t-shirt and stop playing like you do.

1. White-Guy Dreads.
You don't like to wash your hair. I get it.

I'm sure this list will be on-going, but these are just the faux-pas I came in contact with last night.

~sarah p.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Attention soccer moms:


I know you have to get little Hendrick to soccer practice and that whatever fucked up name you named your little girl is late for ballet, but they post speed restrictions for a reason. I know your life is more important than that of someone else's kid because you are to cool to drive a minivan so you drive an SUV. Seriously, I hate you. Get off your cell phone, quit sending your kids to useless activities like violin and painting, and spend some time with them. Also I live in a school zone so please slow down, don't honk at me when I'm on my skateboard in the middle of the road, and relax.
Or your child will grow up to be this guy or these girls

Monday, June 26, 2006

We will be there..... Will you?

You should be.

Pretty jazzed about this one.

Word to the wise: the 27th show is sold out, but they've added another show on the 28th, and I'm pretty sure there's still tickets available. So, um.... You should get on that.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sure it's not New York

But, Chicago is one of those place I'd like to live

Besides having the Louise Viton Don, and Lupe the 3rd, Conan O'Brian, and the late Chris Farley.

Thier pizza may not be as good as New York's but

They have this going on this weekend

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm talking to you, Blohan, Hilton, Spears, Snoop, and so many others...

Hey guys, music videos don't have to be horrible.

Pitchfork just put out a list of 100 awesome music videos, complete with youtube videos for each.

There goes my productivity for the afternoon.

~sarah p.

the truf muthafucka

And to prove that the internet is more than porn, celebrity gossip, and blogs.

You can now translate keepin it gangsta into 20 different languages

Ever wonder how many grams are in an ounce so your dealer doesn't rip you off

now you know


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's all been done (pretty much).

Have you seen the work that Phillip Toledano has been doing lately? He just posted a few new shots on his site, and they are pretty unreal. Phillip is another fella that really does his best to stay out of the artist limelight, and that makes me respect him even more.

I would call Phillip's work standard, had it not been for his interesting use of framing and perspective. The art-world, particularly photography, stopped wowwing me years ago. I feel like I've seen it all. It's getting to the point where people have to do absolutely absurd projects, such as these ceramic sculptures, done by Japanese artist Shigeki Hayashi, in order to put out something fresh. Kinda sucks.

~sarah p.

p.s. Since I probably won't be making it over to the Five Boroughs this summer for the first time in years, perhaps I'd like to get one of these for my sad desk at work.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


to clear your hangover, play hackey sack, tyedye your cat, and get the munchies. Hang out with this lady, and you can probably be our friend.

Hangovers waiting to happen.

This is the first summer in several years where I'll actually be in the country for Canada Day. Normally, I'm swigging stale Keith's in a dirty bar in rural Connecticut, and bragging to Americans about our healthcare system.

In honor of one of my favorite drinking holidays, here are 1000 ways to open a beer bottle (mostly in Swedish, I think, but the pictures speak for themselves).

As a bonus, here are my top five least-hated shots:

5. Tidal Wave. When I searched for this on Webtender, I found this recipe. This is 100% wrong. A proper Tidal Wave is either vodka or tequila served in a shot glass. As the shot is taken, ice and several jugs of water are thrown at the victim, sometimes resulting in injury. It's both hilarious and refreshing.

4. Irish Car Bomb. These taste horrible, and leave you with one of the worst hangovers you'll ever have in your life, but if you mention to someone that you drank these all night, they will want to make out with you, because it is so hardcore.

3. Broken Down Golf Carts. This is Dylan's steez. If you want to know more, ask him.

2. Jello Shots. Don't mess with the classics.

1. I'm sure you all saw this coming.... Bottle Caps. Can they make a better drink? It's official. They can't. These are so awesome because you can't even taste the alcohol, which means that you can drink like a horny high-schooler at prom, and then promptly regret it the next morning.

~sarah p.

To the idiots who think they are being theyr'e own bosses by selling shit on the street

Attention guys who just got out of jail, No I don't want to buy your cheap crap. Why don't you get a real job, leave me alone and fuck off.

Monday, June 19, 2006

there's more Canadian artists besides Nickleback

So on my drive to work this morning I was listening to the radio and I heard this song only it was remixed with K-OS. Then I found out this is in stores. You may recognize the song from a Lacoste commercial.

On another note, super pumped about Del and Prince Paul coming to the Caldizzle, all we need now is Tony touch, to bring back all my highschool memories.


PS my stereo is severely F'd in the A

Hitler Kitties!

Man, if anything in the world is funny and awesome, it's cats with Hitler 'staches. (all Nazi stuff aside. If you suspect you cat, or a cat you know, is involved in racist behavoir, let them know that it's just not right).

p.s. It is highly recommended that you go and pick up some Jedi Mind Tricks. By Me. I spent all day yesterday recovering from a pretty heavy weekend, eating pizza, cleaning the house, and spinning Jedi tracks (and I feel pretty great about it today).

~sarah p.

Friday, June 16, 2006

For those of you with a Youtube fetish (I'm nodding in a certain direction):

Here's a top-notch "Worst of Youtube" blog.

(I seriously get so jazzed every time I find another way to cut my productivity at work in half).

~sarah p.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's face the facts: Kool Keith is better than you at everything.

I have just a touch of a Kool Keith fetish. I've tried like crazy to get rid of it, but it's not going anywhere.

Here's some links to some amazing Kool Keith-related tracks from some of my favorite mp3 blogs:

Dr. Octagon is back!

If you've been digging Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom and Project Polaroid and Black Elvis and Viktor Vaughn and the million other little projects that Kool Keith has been rocking, then check out Mr. Nogatco. He's done it again, friends.

Kool Keith's Collabs Tape.

Feed Me Good Tunes has a great post with some Kool Keith action ( plus Mobb Deep, and Edgar Allen Floe).

~sarah p.

p.s. Idiot Proof posted a great two-part mix focused on graffiti-based hip hop in his new blog. I assume someone that reads this will appreciate it, besides Dylan and I .

Part 1
Part 2

The Cat in the Hat

So today it's raining, and kind of hard too. So instead of watching some stupid waste of film, here are some things to do:

1. Get a myspace account and make U God one of your friends. I swear to god that you will appreciate having the same daily message from him. Plus ladies i think he is single and horny.

2. YOUTUBE !!!!!!! for all of your stoner veiwing needs. Japanese game shows, check. Wondershowzen, check. Football in the groin, check.

3. Stupid computer games that are highly addictive.

4. Pretend you are a gangsta.

5. Be glad that it's raining, go jump in some puddles and be glad you don't live in Uganda.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Take notes, ACAD kids:

Photography that doesn't suck.
Matthew Sleeth is a Melbourne-based photographer, and is one of the most humble guys in the world. I admired his work (and his attitude toward his work) a lot when I was in school. I respect a guy that's willing to admit that the whole idea of being an "artist" is full-on bullshit (and as a photo-school grad, I'm allowed to say this as much as I want).

Hey guys! The T-1 T-Shirt World Cup is on for the 2nd year in a row. Are you jazzed? Me too.

~sarah p.

Lincoln Park is a roller coaster

you have bad taste in music

Don't worry this came out yesterday. Extended perfomances, heck yes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

...And for more bad haircuts this weekend:

Head on over to Broken City on Saturday for The 5 Annual Indie Music Video Festival @ 7:30 (totally free!).
Afterward, stick around for Rocksteady Saturdays with Marco Primo, who is flying solo this week.
Drinks are cheap, and the music is mighty fine.

~sarah p.

How to know when you are ghetto.

How many times has this happened to you?

Does your hair look like this?

Was this your high scool prom?

Is your name Shaniqua, Lactavia, Kerosene, or Shantonica?

Does your teeth cost more than your house?

Six babies, 5 women. Playyyaaaaahhh

South Pole, Enyce, BK's, you get it.

ACAD Represent

So this is going on on Fiday. Really bad art and really bad haircuts will be a plenty. But, it should be fun. These artists do some stuff for Lifetime and Capita. If you live in the area check it out. Beware there will be a lot of industry people there though.


No more cabs?

Cappadonna is putting out a new LP. I'm not joking.
I wonder if he gave up his cab.....

~sarah p.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ultimate summer jams mixtape:

It's summer. It's time to put together some mixtapes for fun times.

Side A
1. Learn to be Strong (Quantic Soul Remix) - Cappo
2. Misdemeanor - Foster Sylvers
3. Not the Only One- Amerie
4. The Food- Common ft. Kanye
5. Southern Man- Deaf in the Family ft. Bavu Blakes
6. Nutz on Ya Chin- Eazy E
7. Bluebird- One Self

Side B
1.Let Me Ride Remix- Dr. Dre ft. George Clinton
2. Drugs - Kool Keith
3. Needy Girl (Bloc Party Remix) - Chromeo
4. Whip You With a Strap - Ghostface Killah
5. Fast Life - Kool G Rap
6. Much More - Lupe Fiasco
7. Barbershop - Murs and 9th Wonder ft. Big Pooh

In other news, have you seen all of the shows coming to Calgary? Is it always like this in the summers? I should try to be around more often if this is how things go down around here.

~sarah p.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


If you have not seen Kazaam, starring Shaquille O'Neal as a rapping genie, then I suggest you get yourself over to Blockbuster ASAP.

I'm kinda pissed at Bill Murray right now. Why did he sign on for Garfield 2: Stupider Than The First?

This mp3 blog is pretty outstanding. Check back every Sunday for new remixes.

~sarah p.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


You guys, I am so into french hip-hop lately. Some of it is not even that good, but I still have played some Cuizinier tracks so much that I think my ipod may break.

Here's some french mixtapes to clog up your harddrives.

~sarah p.

The 90's was more than Neon and Spandex

Two of my favourite rappers, both 1 hit wonders, 1 worked for sprite and 1 worked for pepsi, both had amazing first albums, 1 is a great producer and had a doll and I have no idea what happened to the other.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Diabolical Biz Markie and Young MC

Look for some of their other tracks because they are amazing.


C to the OSB To the Y

Dr Huxtable is one gangsta ass muthafucka

Everything Cosby

And other things from your child hood that might have been erased by years of drinking and other fun stuff

Friday, June 09, 2006

new blog, new links

The worst beers in the world. My vote would go to Stella, because it is for jerks.

Full House Career Pryamid. Bob Saget is my favorite person in the world, almost.

Andy Rooney is a dick. Let's just face the facts.

Last summer, all summer long, I thought that all of these British kids that I knew were made of pure comedy gold, because they knew how to rip on Craig David like nobody's business. Turns out, they had bit the jokes from a show called Bo Selecta, and I was super disappointed that I hadn't discovered the funniest dudes in the world.
Here are a couple good clips:
Willy Wonka!
Ricky Gervais opens a grocery store.

This guy lived on monkey chow for a week, and I'm pretty sure I just found my new best friend.

The FADER just put out their first downloadable issue, and like the paper version, it's pretty bad-ass.

Yesterday, I was saying how it is mega retarded how it seems like all of the amazing kicks aren't made for the ladies. Guess what? Sometimes they are.

Okay, guys. An hour and a half left at work, and I'm off to win some cash at the track (not joking). When I return from the track with my pockets full of bills, I will promptly be buying grills for all my loved ones, so be sure to e-mail me your teeth-size.

~sarah p.

people you have forgotten about (aboot)

So here is a list of people that you shouldn't have frogotten about. Warning this blog might be a little link heavy

Slick Rick

Biz Markie

Kool Keith


Boo Ya Tribe


Don't forget the good stuff


10 People who I have an extreme dislike for

10. Susan Sarandon (Self Rightous Bitch)
09. Johnny Knoxville (Have you seen The Ringer? Don't)
08. MTV Canada VJ's (All of them except Darren because he was on Buzz)
07. Nancy Grace (Tookie Williams is all I have to say about that)
06. Master P (Oh how the mighty have fallen)
05. Jamie Oliver (You Suck!!)
04. P Diddy (you are a no talent hack who just used your dead friend)
03. Tom Cruise (Self Explanitory)
02. Flava Flav
01. Hillary Duff